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Why Should My Company Belong to the Concrete and Aggregates Association of Louisiana?

Concrete can take many forms and compositions and is one of the most important building materials known to man. Since its invention in 1824 it has literally become the foundation of modern civilization. When combined with steel it forms the backbone of modern structural engineering and its use has contributed to advanced transportation structures, urbanism, advanced architectural designs and in general a large part of the infrastructure we use each day. It's been estimated that buildings, roads, bridges and other facilities constructed by concrete represent about 70% of our national wealth; which means that much of our nation's wealth consists of concrete.

The Concrete & Aggregate Association of Louisiana (CAAL) is affiliated with the American Concrete Paving Association (ACPA), National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA), American Concrete Institute (ACI), Portland Cement Association (PCA), American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA), National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA), and networked with numerous other trade associations. We are a group of companies and people who voluntarily come together to meet common needs, solve common problems, and accomplish common goals, relative to Portland cement concrete.

Our stated mission is "To serve the membership and increase the use of Portland cement concrete in the construction and rehabilitation of airports, highways, industrial facilities, streets, parking lots, residential homes, commercial buildings and other construction related uses throughout Louisiana, by providing the public with a quality product that is safe, cost effective and environmentally sound."

Consider the following elements of a successful enterprise:
  • Business Development - CAAL provides liaison with local government agencies, legislators, affiliated associations and organizations. Additional business support services include van trips, open houses and promotion initiatives to enhance awareness of concrete products, processes and solutions.
  • Market Development - CAAL provides expanded political involvement and public relations initiatives, targeting state and local public officials who influence the selection and specification of concrete products.
  • Technical Services - CAAL provides technical support programs and services by staff engineers who are experts in pavement technology, materials science, marketing, and the latest in construction technology. Technology transfer programs sponsored by CAAL are workshops and seminars planned to provide the latest technical information and address issues important to the Portland cement concrete industry.
The CAAL team provides these services and many more as well as the support of our member network. Our membership includes concrete pavement contractors, cement companies, material manufacturers & suppliers, equipment manufacturers & suppliers, ready mix concrete producers, bonding & surety companies, aggregate producers, concrete pipe manufacturers, allied associations and professional organizations and individuals.

The association is currently is under the new leadership of executive director William "Bill" Temple. Mr. Temple is the former Chief Engineer of DOTD. Throughout his career, Bill has worked in the areas of pavement design, construction, maintenance, and pavement performance. He currently chairs the Long Term Pavement Performance Committee for TRB, AASHTO, and FHWA.

CAAL has an extensive network of professionals in marketing and engineering to call upon for expert advice. We urge you to take advantage of our association's ability to help you grow.

For more information, contact Bill Temple, Executive Director, Jack Kiefer, Promotions & Membership Director or Alison Young, Coordinator/Office Administrator at (225) 293-5735.

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